Women of Excellence

Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska (WE) has made some significant changes this year, from a partnership of two Jennifers (since September 2011), to a singly-owned organization by Jennifer Marx. The transition occurred at the halfway point of the year with a Member Social at Sullivan’s Steakhouse to jointly and publicly share the news. This was an enjoyable occasion to bring our membership together, celebrate the accomplishments of the past and embrace the possibilities of what is to come.  WE continues to grow and change with new members of various paths and endeavors, as well as vibrant monthly speakers who showcase the talent and professionalism of our community. I am excited for the journey ahead as new ideas are formulated, utilized, and upgrades made.

The first key thought I wanted to share is that WE are Women of Excellence! WE is made up of individuals, each with their own goals and dreams, utilizing their unique experiences, gifts and personalities to change the city around us and impact the world! WE are not just Entrepreneurs, WE stand for something greater. WE share a common vision to be Women of Excellence and strive to become better versions of ourselves everyday. The ripple effect that commitment to integrity, innovation, and ingenuity can have is far-reaching and in fact, truly limitless. I invite you to take that exhilarating journey with us if you are a Woman Entrepreneur committed to excellence.

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