Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska~who we are today

The owners of WE of A

It’s been over two and half years since “the Jennifers” made the decision to take over as Directors and owners of Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska. The decision was a business and personal one for both of us. We had both made great business connections and personal relationships had started to form in the group as well. We both didn’t want the organization to go away.

The driving factor that led to our decision to invest our time and resources into the Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska was the unique environment that we experienced in the group. It was a safe and encouraging place to grow, learn and network our businesses together.

In the past two and half years, we have been through major life and business changes. Jennifer M. launched her own business, Marx Management, and Jennifer C. merged her business with an existing company to form Beacon Media and Marketing. Through the many changes and growth, our one constant that we were both so grateful for was the Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska group. The deepened relationships have extended far beyond business connections and into the realm of personal friendships. We share much in common together. We are growing our businesses and networks, creating jobs and encouraging and assisting each other along the way.

When we get back to the core of why we are part of this organization and why we care so deeply- It is the same reason we made the decision to invest in the first place: It’s a safe and encouraging place to grow, learn and network our businesses together.

Alaska, still remains the state with the lowest percentage of Women Entrepreneurs in the country. It’s our goal to be a part of moving that number to the highest. By creating and growing an organization that encourages, educates and helps women network their businesses- our potential is unlimited and our future unlimited!

~”the Jennifers”